What is Flash?

Posted by Tim Lancaster | Web Design 101

Although it’s possible to overuse, the ability to deliver multimedia, animate user interaction, and create complex effects make it a useful tool for a huge variety of websites. Working in Flash requires a diverse set of skills; graphic design, web design, animation, video, and programming experience are all necessary to craft a slick, efficient, and engaging elements. It generally takes more design time to present content through Flash than through a conventional HTML website, but a Flash presentation is completely interactive and infinitely customizable.

Often times, a client will ask, “What is Flash?” or more common, “How can my website have movement?”. My answer used to be Flash. Now, it’s more likely to be HTML5, a sprinkle of jQuery, and a dab of CSS3 to make things pretty. Not all browsers support all aspects of HTML5, though. Some things that are possible in one browser may not work correctly in another.

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