Should I Market My Website?

Posted by Tim Lancaster | Online Marketing

People always assume that once they have a website, everyone and their mother will know about it, instantly. This just isn’t the case. Millions of dollars, and many months of development, can go into the creation of a great website. Think about it, the internet, as most know it, has been around nearly 20 years. A lot has changed in that time!

When you wanted to create your first website or the company you worked for decided to “get online”, you knew a handful of others that might know of you. Did you ask yourself, should I market my website? How did you get your brand in front of people who didn’t know about you or your services, before the internet?

Marketing, of course! Whether you’re using online marketing techniques or traditional offline marketing, you’ll want your website found when a customer is searching on the search engines. Your website should be a 24 hour storefront.

While you’re warm in your bed, you could and should be able to inform your customers about your services and products available to purchase. This is the benefit of the web. There’s a much wider variety of potential customers.

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